Secure Boot In Fedora – Hope?

A recent article highlights the new world of secure-boot Windows computers and how Fedora 18 will be arriving very much around the time of Windows 8.

Secure Boot is a security implementation that aims to prevent untrusted code from running before the OS loads. It’s a powerful new security method and it directly attempts to prevent multiple different attacks that can be (and have already been) used by malware to dig deep into the system.

Implementing Secure Boot in Linux is actually really great. It’s Linux so you know, without a doubt, that limiting a users freedom is absolutely out of the question and they’ll take security to the highest level possible. Users can still use their own kernels (they just have to sign the kernel themselves, it complicates things but not a ton) so don’t worry, you don’t need to turn it off to maintain the same level of freedom as always.

After all of the entirely unjustified hype that Windows 8 Secure Boot would kill Linux or that new hardware would lock you out it’s really great to see that the Distros are working on incorporating this feature and making use of it to the full extent. I do wish it were under better circumstances instead of having to fight not to be locked out of hardware… but it’s not nearly as terrible as what it could have been and we get a neat security feature out of it.

So while Linux has had its hand forced in this situation we do gain a really neat security feature.

It’s lukewarm but I’m happy.

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